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Front Springs Question?


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I have a set of 2nd hand front springs from a 1.8 Manta, but my car is a 80 model 2.0 SR Berlinetta. Is there any difference in the springs from the older 2.0 models and the slightly newer 1.8 ones? I want to get them blasted and painted before putting on my car, but don't want to waste my money if they aren't going to fit and be the right ones?

Any ideas guys? And if they're different will be looking for a good pair of early B 2.0 springs if anyone has some!!



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Physically they will fit, but the ride height might not be the same.

The only way to know would be fit them and see where the car sits, then get them powder coated if the ride height is what you want.

Its a pain but the only way of being sure the car will sit right.

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last time i fitted a 1.8 complete front axle assembly to a cam in head car the suspension was very low & on the bumpstops with 2 sizeable people in the front. best to find correct springs. basically all the manta b,cav mk1,ascona with 1.6,1.9,2.0 engines all used the same spring.gte models may be slightly lower but still correct for the weight of the cast iron engine .usually there are some on ebay.

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