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I Want A Manta.......again


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Hi everyone,

A few years back I was the proud owner of an 86 dolphin grey manta coupe. Vinyl top, xe red top, 17s. Great car. However it only lasted 3 months before I wrote it off. :( sorry guys

Anyway, nearly 10 years on and I fancy another. I currently own a 300zx. I've had it almost 9 years and carried out some serious work on it. I'm nearing the end of an engine rebuild - hoping to achieve 500rwhp.

What I fancy doing is finding a manta coupe in need of some TLC, giving it a good makeover and installing a non turbo 300zx engine (vg30de). Does anybody have any ideas if this is possible? With the non turbo engine I should achieve 230-250rwhp with no problems.

I'll post some pics of my old manta when I get a chance

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Hi and welcome.

I know of a Finnish A series Manta that run a Buick GNX Turbo engine with 400 something hp and a insane amount of torque. If that can be done, i am pretty sure that a 300ZX engine easily can find its way into a B series var. There´s good space, and i even know of a guy here in Denmark that has a 5,7 Ltr smallblock tuned to 350bhp in his B series..

So as far as i am concerned i think that almost everything is possible with theese cars.


So i´d say go for it. I don´t think that you will find specific info on how to do it, but if you know your way around the Manta you should be able to put the entire drivetrain in the car (engine, gearbox and part of the propshaft to fit the Opel parts). thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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