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Asda On Your Marks Day At Bruntingthorpe.


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Me and Joe got an invite to the Asda charity day through the Subaru WR1 owners club and it turned out to be a great event.

Our main interest was in the Manta 400r that was waiting to go round the circuit,owned by Gareth Hooper Motorsport ,he did not let us down.


All the events had free passenger rides.Click the pic below for the video.


You could be a passenger in any car below and lots more.





I had a passenger lap in a limited edition Evo and Joe had his back put out by a 440bhp Impreza.

Might be of interest to the Manta club next year as it's family oriented as well.


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Thanks for posting the pictures Mick. Mine were, as I suspected, rubbish.

It's a bit of an odd event this one as it's only open to Asda employees and their families and friends, and otherwise to clubs by invitation only.

It started 10 years ago as a fund raising day for an employee of Asda who was terminally ill, and it's continued on from there. It's entirely

a charity day with all funds raised going to various good causes.

As a club, we certainly wouldn't be able to take part in the track driving I'm afraid, as despite Mantas being magnificent, they're not classed as

exotica and it's only open to such cars. There are about 20 one make clubs represented, so various rare Subarus, Clive's Nissans (common as muck they

are, judging by how many were there - yes, I am joking Clive, but there were loads), Ferraris, Porsches, TVRs etc. Anything that will give their

passengers a bad back due to cornering speed in fact!

There were a few groups of classics elsewhere on the field, so we might be able to ask about having a Club stand next year. I do hope we can, as it really is

an excellent day out, and, quite unusually for a car show, there's plenty of other attractions to entertain all the family.

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