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Getrag 260 Series From Bmw Alpina B6/7


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Hello guys.

My brother has just finished a good clean up in his cellar, and have decided to sell his 260 series dogleg getrag gearbox as he can´t use it in his Historic Track car due to regulations (he must have a 4 speed box or block the 5th gear) so keeping this item is just stupid. Better if someone else could make good use of it thumbsup.gif

The gearbox in question is a modified Getrag 260 series gearbox marked "323" several places wich indicates that it is a specially ordered gearbox used by Alpina. The gearbox was bought in Germany some years ago and is in mint condition.

When we bought it the seller said that it was a M3 box, but we later found out that this was not the case! What we have found is that the gearbox is from a BMW Alpina B6 or B7 series car (talked to alot of guys including Getrag Sweden to find out what car it came from), and has at some point been modified to fit Opel cars. The modification consist of a main shaft change from the original that fit the BMW to a Getrag 265 one that fit the big CIH6 Opel clutch. Also there has been done modifications so you can mount a 4 speed manual Opel CIH type bellhousing.

. It has been running in a GTE Kadett C Coupe in Germany with a A400 Risse engine (2,4 16V) with 280bhp and has been stored very good and dry since then. The box runs very good and there are no slop in the axle! Note that for storage it has been drained for oil.

The box has a dogleg setup.

What needs to be done to mount it in your car (as it is not plug and play) is that you need to make a propshaft that fit the gearbox, and the gear selector needs custom making. The one that was mounted was of pretty poor quality, lots of bolts and nuts, and wouldnt hold crap. Also you will need to make a custom bracket to bolt the gearbox to the underside of the car as this can not be used from any other Opel. Also you will need to do some work to a clutch arm, as this box take the big main shaft bearings, but the clutch arm propably must be from a small 4 speed box.

Some info:

Please note that this is an extremly massive gearbox, not like anything in the Opel range, and it will take any power you can put through it!!! The car that it originated in is the Alpina BMW´s E12 or E30 series, and they had from 254 bhp (B6 non turbo) to 330bhp (B7-S Biturbo) and was amongst the fastest cars in the world back in the late 70´s and early 80´s. This gearbox is ment to handle 330bhp+ and 340+ lb/ft of torque and it will take ANY power you can get from any CIH block based engine and will take care of buisiness.

The gearbox is also a rare item as there was only very few of the old Alpina´s build back then (this is from back where Alpina was a small brand regarding tuning) so you won´t find any other gearboxes like this out there, and definatly not one that has been rebuild to take a CIH engine block.

This is a perfect gearbox for a i400 engine type, or a big CIH block 6 cyl engine (like the 3,0 24V or 4,0 24V irmscher) or similar.

We haven´t really decided on a price for this piece of wonder, but my brother payed up around 1000£ for it back when he bought it, so i guess pricing will be around that area + shipment.

Let me know if anyone should be interested thumbsup.gif

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