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Cav Mk1 N/s Lower Wishbone


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As above, I need a good solid un-damaged lower wishbone for the passenger (left) side of my mk1 Cav. Its a 1980 should anyone need to know, mine has been bent sometime in its past, possibly by a trolley jack, and after shotblasting it, it now reveals heavy corrosion as well!! :o Oh why am I so surprised :rolleyes:

I don't mind surface rust but nothing too grotty please, it will be blasted and re-bushed as per the rest of the front end so surface rust and scruffy paint accepted, it just needs to be absolutely solid metal please.

Probably would need to be posted to post code EH43 so a price including p+p would be very useful Ta very much chaps.

BTW, Its for this one ;)Linky here

cheers, Colin.

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