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I Have A 1988 Gte Exclusive I'm Thinking Of Selling


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Hi Manta people,

I have owned 1988 manta GTE exclusive in white since 1994, The car was 1st registered to the Financial Times LTD and hardly used. I am the only other owner of this car i bought the car with only 13k miles on the clock....the car now has 112k ish.....most of its life as a summer only car...all the driving has been done by myself. I love this car, it starts 1st time, sounds awsum and handles like a real gem and reminds me of when I was 24 all over again......the car has been kept in very good mechanical condition and the body work has been left alone so what you see is what you have.....a bit of surface rust as to be expected but a strong unmolested structure and original feel to this forgotten classic car....

My situation now is the car is homeless as i left England over a year ago and now live in the Caribbean.....it lost its place being stored in a friends garage due to him adding to his collection of Cleo Williams? hey someones got to be into them :).....the car is now being stored around another friends Garage he is also the mechanic of the car for over 15 years......with winter in England arriving soon the car will be left outside and probably will rot until i come home to visit next year......

This car means a lot to me but i am willing to sell as i would rather someone either got a few more summers fun out of her or spend a little time and brings the car "visually" back to its old looks....I dont know how to value the car, its just walked it MOT again and Kev my trusted mechanic says its not looking any different to last year ,then again its only done around 10k-15k in as many years, reason because i had a mk1 mx-5 as my toy for 4 years and a 3 series BMW while the manta hibernated in the garage.......

any ideas on value? where to sell? I can't even find a coupe GTE for sale that's close to my model as most now have been restored or are none runners.....

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Thankyou for your response, i know that it is a rare car but 4k surprised me, i would be happy for 2 1/2 k if it goes to the right person.......r

hello i think pistonheads is the best place to sell cars! i dont know much about selling manta's (new here) but i would say for a quick sale start at £2,500 but i would think it would be worth up to £3,500 maybe £4000

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