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C20Xe Conversion - Coil / Dizzy Wiring Information


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Had this floating around the members section of the forum for a few days. Got some great info from the guys, but still after some specific wiring information regarding a C20XE Redtop conversion with a 1.8 side mount distributor and standard fuel injection........

As far as I can see, the coil & dizzy on the standard Manta set-up is part of the car loom wiring (not the GTE ECU loom), whereas the coil and dizzy wiring for the redtop is part of the ECU loom. Clearly at some point connections need to be made between the 2 looms......thats the info I'm after.

Basically, what do I need to do to get the car running :thumbup !!

Maybe I'm missing something and it's simpler than I think?

Anymore advice from anyone would be appreciated.

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i thought the 1.8 dizzy was used for carbs not standard injection. you could send 1.8 manta dizzy and a c20xe dizzy to H+H solutions in worcester and ask them to put the internals from c20xe dizzy into 1.8 manta dizzy. usually around £80 to do it.

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Thanks rutts, with all the replies I've had I've now realised the 1.8 set-up is for carbs. However, having done alot of work include getting braketry machined for the side mount arrangement I'm delighted there is maybe a solution.

I'll call H&H solutions on Monday for a chat.

Thanks again,


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