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400 Fibre Glass Vents


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Hi. got some manta 400 fibre glass bonnet vents and diamond vent. Any body know the dimensions for where they should be set in place on the bonnet.

Dont know weather to rivet them on some how or some kind of glue. any ideas would be good . thank you

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ah ok.... if no-one on here has the measurements (I expect several do, though whether they will give them out to a non club member is another matter ;)) then I can probably measure the vents on mine when I get back after the weekend.

The reason I asked was because I have a 400 bonnet but I'm tempted to swap it for a plain fibreglass one (if such items exist) - and I am potentially driving past gwent tomorrow night.

Good luck


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metal sorry. that would be a great help if you could measure up yours. thank you. theres no rush on it. ive been working it for about 4 years lol

If you open your original metal hood and look underneath you can actually see where they are supposed to go as the frame has holes at those locations :)

The diamond one is to let heat from the radiator out of the engine bay, and the two sidewents are for intake and the other is to cool down the exhaust (16V 400 engine) :)

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The holes underneath the bonnet sounds promissing. Thanks for that info. Ill have a look on the weekend.

Ill also find some 400 pics and try scale it up. Its only for looks anyway so doesnt really matter if its wrong.

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Thats an artists drawing to show some of the differences between the road and rally homologation. You need to check the FISA homologation papers.

Nice try though!



The following pic is from an article in a car magazine making a review of the car in 1981




Do you need more pics of original i400 that has got normal Manta shocks ?

Look, homologation papers tell you what is generally allowed on a specific car, as well as descriping the original car in detail. The i400 did never roll out of the factory looking like that, but it is possible it is a mod that has been added later and approved by FIA (FISA). The A series Mantas homologation papers show the car with a cross flow head 8V that i have never ever seen. That does not indicate that all A series look like that, it is just indicating that this mod is allowed by FIA !

Now, let´s be honest shall we? I don´t know for sure what those wents are for, i assumed that having them placed above the exhaust, and above the intake it would give the car some fresh and much needed cool air to the engine room. BUT if as you say these turrets are in the FIA papers, this could also indicate that Opel actually knew that some would mount theese and made the intakes to accomodate this mod. But that is most unlikely. Why make them as intakes, if all that was needed was a small bump ? Doesnt make sense.

Anyway, i am out of this discussion before things get out of hand, the i400 never rolled out of the factory with those turrets, that is a fact.

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Cheers Brian..at least you get it.

I think you are missing the point my friend, the fact that the road cars and some of the tarmac spec cars did not use the extended turrets is totally irrelevant, the raises in the bonnet were homologated specificaly for the turret clearence. I`ve been rallying the 400 for more years than I care to remember and have had the pleasure to deal with a lot of the guys who were originaly involved with the cars homologation and subsequent development, hence the spec of my current rally car.


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That´s amazing, I bow my head, and accept i was wrong then. smile.gif

I have never seen those turrets before, first i figured they where home made or something. We have no genuine 400´s racing here, and the replicas that do race (hillclimb, rally and track) doesnt have them.

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