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Steering Wheel Boss For Sparco Wheel


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I've bought a Steering wheel boss kit off Ebay which supposedly fits my Manta/ Ascona and it's nothing like... It's made by a company called Elevo, and the splines are the same as the Manta, but the horn contact ring is different. The peg that cancels the indicators is miles out and won't allow the wheel to bolt up and the horn centre shim is the wrong size. There's also a plastic shroud that slides up to the steering column shroud, but this leaves a gap of about 25mm when fitted. Apart from this it's " Spot on! " What a piece of junk. The last Boss I bought was for fitting an OMP wheel to my Manta and was made by Mountney. It was for the newer style of wheels with either 70 or 75mm PCD studs ( Not those horroble old fashioned Mountney wheels you see on Minis and Land Rovers that are often spotted hung from a rusty nail in peoples garages ) This Mountney Boss fitted perfectly and came with all the Bolts, Shims and even a centre Horn press. It cost me about £30 in 2008. I've contacted Mountney for another one of these Boss Kits and they are now obsolete. The Mountney part number was M730X. Has anyone else bought a decent quality Boss and what make was it, where was it from and did it bolt straight on? I was going to send this crappy new Elevo Boss back but it's just fallen off the bench in my garage and that long peg that cancels the indicators I was moaning about.... Isn't too long anymore F*******, F******** and all the rest... Any information would be much appreciated .Luke.

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you need a momo L225 boss same fitting as an OMP wheel. :)

Cheers Andy,

Have you got one of these Bosses on your Manta? I wonder if OMP and Sparco steering wheels are the same PCD as each other. I'll have to measure both my steering wheels to tomorrow. There's a few Bosses on Ebay at the moment, but they look similar to this one I've tried today. The decent Mountney boss was a two piece one... The splined part is Alloy and there's a Steel part that bolts to this and then to the Steering wheel. The crappy ones by Elevo are one piece and made of Alloy. That Sparco wheel nearly got Frisbee'd up the road earlier on when that boss broke!

. Luke.

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