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Manta Done At Last..


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yeah its the burbury interior.. i have lowered it by 30mm but it doesn't look very low, so think i will

be changing them for a 40mm set.. or have i done something wrong cause a 30mm set should look lower .. shouldn't it ?

Running bilstein all round & as for the well fitting kit that took hours & hours & hour & hours & hours & hours & hours , but it looks the part now..

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excellent looking motor,i reckon mine will take at least till next summer :(

looks like it could go down another 30mm?

quite a gap yet,

maybe someone will know better,are gte spring kits lower than normal to start with,so maybe uprated ones dont lower as much as u think?just a thought


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Quick Photoshop for ya. :thumbup It took me a while because I ended up in a bit of a trance just looking at the pic when I'd done lol.

Its probably down another 25 or 30mm in the pic? maybe too much really, but that's how I'd probably have it sat.


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Have lowered the car by 30mm already & i agree it needs to drop at least the same again ,

but 60mm or 70mm lowering kit dosen't seem realistic to me for a manta .. ..

What am i missing here lads? .. I have seen the odd manta 400r at shows and they all seem lower than mine, can anyone shed any light on what these guys are using to lower their cars..

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Thanks i need to practice my computer skills .. putting up pic's not my strong point..

The car is standing me a small fortune , running c20xe , R1 carbs , vented front disc's & a rallytech bodykit.

Wow what a great looking car, if I get mine half as good as that I will be very very happy.

It might cost a bit, but if like mine when I see it, it always puts a smile on my face. :D

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