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Nice Srb Auto Hatch On Ebay Worth Saving

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I'd love that car.....

If space and cash permitted I'd turn that into a stunnng Manta, up to now Ive brought 6 early b series Manta's back to life that no-one was interested in (hatches and coupes), one of which won car of the show at Billing and another took many prizes in Modified B class, current B project is pretty much finished against all odds.

How many people are there out there that get these cars that never ever see the light of day again......... Possibly better to banger race them sometimes as it'll be the only use most of these cars will ever get again.

How many good cars like this get projects started on then you suddenly see them stripped down and being broken for parts, mainly due to people.........

1. Having no idea what they are undertaking.

2. get confronted with a huge task of a stripped down car.

3. Suddenly losing "Their workspace/moving house blah blah blah"

4. Saying that it is too far gone........ It is steel, everything is repairable..... PERIOD

5. Real reason that "It was a good idea at the time but now I can't be bothered"

Would put a pound to a penny this car will never see the light of day again, too many people are full of shit and should leave restorations/refurbs whatever to people that have motivation and skill. Then there would be double the Manta's left.

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