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Well Nice Manta!

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Ok, let's get real.

That is a beautiful coupe.

Looks like a fantastic shell and those wheels are top banana :thumbup

But it is a standard 1800 coupe apart from the wheels and a fantastic body so at £2550 it is the market price( IMHO probably slightly above, re-list it with standard 1800 rims on and then see it's true value)

I don't want to offend anyone but as you know I don't bull or hold back my opinions



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As we now know, it made £2550.00, but I feel a bit sorry for the chap selling it as he told me it stood him at over £3000. That's eBay for you though.

Bloke should have put a 3k reserve then mate :thumbup

As soon as this car shown it's face on the omoc website with loads of piccies, just knew it was going to be up for sale from first post, you can spot them being plugged a mile off. quite possbly bought off of some old bloke who thought it was only worth a few hundred sovs then plugged to high heaven and dressed up with some retro alloys in an attempt to gain as much cash as poss.

I made a comment on the chaps original topic about lowering the car, and comments were returned about keeping as original as poss, hence the re-trimmed seats and alloys that were totally not in keeping with original. :blink::o

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Let's face facts

There was a different manta advertised here on OMOC by the owner who I know personally had spent over 40 grand on it

It sold for 5 grand and the car was awesome, the shell was great ( I know as I was the only person he ever let weld a patch into it, chassis rail double skin 3mm 6inch piece then over with 1.5 mm butt weld)

I think all mantas struggle to sell on here

I have to agree with Clive ( and Mick, 400 :D )

Ebay can be nuts, but usually sets a median



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