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Xe Conversion - Inlet Manifold Pipework Queries


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Hi all,

Having removed the XE donor engine about 5 years ago I'm needing a wee refresher where all the inlet manifold pipework goes..........

Stepper motor pipework.......


From memory, the short hose connects onto here.................the outlet on the bottom of the inlet manifold


If that is correct, where does the long hose connect too??

Water pipework........

These 2 small bore pipes come from the 3 way coupling under the inlet throttle body.


The short pipe connects onto the brass hose tail where the manifold connects to the head.

The long pipe presumably needs to connect to the main water pipework somewhere? If it does I was planning to extend it and 'T' it into the radiator top hose. Is this right??

3 way coupling........(under the inlet throttle body)


Out if interest, what does this do.....it appears to have 2 water connects (on the sides) and 1 oil breather (in the middle?)

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The long pipe from the stepper motor goes to the back of the air-box or power cap, short pipe goes to back of inlet manifold as you say.

Can't help with the water pipe as i modified 1.8 pipes for mine

Thanks Mantame, I hadn't fitted my airbox yet, thats why I couldn't fine a home for it!

Anyone one else got info on the small water pipe & 3 way coupling

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