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Hello. I am a big import fan and I saw for sale recently a 74 manta that has been garaged for the last 13 years but is in decent shape. Offered at $1200 or best offer. I am a mechanic and very handy with wrenches and could rebuild the motor if need be. Just wondering how complex the non mechanical aspects of the manta are and what parts if any they share with other cars and if this endeavor is worth it if if i should run not walk away from it.

Any advice on buying a manta that has sat for 13 years would be appreciated as I know very little about these cars.

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Opel GT Source would be a good place to get parts. The body is unique and you can not use many parts from other Opel´s here.. The tech stuff however are similar to most other Opel´s from that time, so engine, gearbox, rear axle, propshaft, brakes etc can be taken from a variaty of Opel cars from the 70´s. Metal work is fairly simple, the Manta is not like the old US muscle cars and does not have a subframe, they are in one piece so be careful how much you cut out of it ..

You should also contact "Rallybob" from opeltuners.com he is from your side of the pond and has alot of Ascona A series cars that is the car that has most interchangable parts with the Manta A. He also manufactures some parts himself and would be a good guy to know.

Other than that all i can say is go for it.. Parts are not that hard to come by and both Leidinger tuning and Dr Manta (both german companies) ship parts abroad so if it needs to be this is also a possibility..

Best regards


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