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1979 Manta For Sale


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1979 red Manta - engine failed last year due to problems with the fuel injection system. Since then Ive had it parked on my drive and been dithering about what to do with it. It is good for parts or would be fixable by the right person, advice was to take the fuel injection off altogether and fit a carburettor instead but its obviously not improved for six months sitting still. As someone with no mechanic or welding skills it is not cost effective for me to put this car back on the road. There is some rust around the drivers door post although it looks quite smart from the outside. Its good inside, excellent seats and would have some good usable parts if nothing else. I am at the point of scrapping the car but it seems tragic - could probably get about £250 scrap for it so if anyone can beat that its theirs. Im in Staffordshire, your welcome to come and look.

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I've got a feeling this might be the red one that Richard Baybutt had for sale last year, but I'm only basing that on the fact it's a '79 car on injection so I might be wrong! If I'm right though it's a hatchback with a black interior and it's too good for breaking. I've PMd the seller as well but not had a reply yet.

EDIT: Actually I've just looked at the ad for the car I thought and it was on a W plate, so must be another one!

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