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Clutch Fork Strength.


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I have found over a period of time my clutch pedal has been heading towards the floor, I have adjusted the clutch a few times thinking that the cable was stretching.

I decided to replace the clutch cable to find that the cable had not stretch.

Are there problems with any weak points on the clutch fork that need to be strengthened? I just thought I would ask before taking the box out to investigate.

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You might want to check the adjustable pivot bolt at the other end of the clutch fork from the cable.

I had one that the lock nut was loose and the bolt slowly wound itself out, gave the same symptoms you're describing

I totally forgot about the adjuster on the box, I'll check it out . Thanksthumbsup.gif

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In my 15 or so years with Manta´s i have never had a fork that couldn´t hold. So i don´t think that´s where the problem is..

Do you have 2 nuts on the clutch cable attachment ? Otherwise this will also slowly work its way off. And as descriped above check the pivot bolt on the other end.

There could also be some problems with your clutch arm bearing, but those tend to make alot of sound before breaking..

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