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Control Arm Bushings


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Desperate for help.

I need to have control arm bushings made up within the next week or I have to go through a massive amount of paperwork and money to get my manta back on the road.

The problem is that the company that could potentially make them, can't use the old ones as they're too worn and "can't determine the original dimensions" and none knows where to find "new" ones.

This company has been messing my mechanics around since August 18th.

If anyone can give me enough details to have a set made up, I will buy them a beer should they ever come to South Africa.

It's for a Manta A (Forgot to put this in.)

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Is it a manta A or B?

Have a look on here,


they have all the original bushing under front axel or you can get poly bushing from powerflex for a B http://www.powerflex.co.uk/products/Manta+B-123/1.html

They might be able to help with info etc..

hope this helps



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