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Manta A Springs


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Hi guys

are the springs the same in all the A models (for example are they interchangeable in the 1.6 and the 1.9) the are standard ones on ebay but the ones for the 1.6 are $37 each and the ones for the 1.9 47pounds each..

also has anyone used big redd to have their calipers reconditioned? they are quoting #200 incl p&p for a pair ..



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I'd imagine the 1.6 and 1.9 springs are the same, pretty sure the engines weigh the same so can't see why they'd be different!

They are exactly the same and interchangable between all A series cars. The rear ones can also be used from Ascona / Manta B as well as the rear shocks. Front shocks and springs only fit from A series cars (Ascona A can also be used).

Manta A 1,2 front springs are a bit softer in the compound due to the low weight engine.

Manta A GT/E have on some versions 20mm lowered springs factorymounted. Like the Black Magic series.

But the ones from 1,6 will fit a 1,9 and vise versa no problem thumbsup.gif

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