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Tracing My Manta A Mvd407P


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Date of Liability 01 09 1991

Date of First Registration 01 02 1976

Year of Manufacture 1976

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1897CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Unlicensed

Vehicle Colour BLACK

Vehicle Type Approval

Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle

6 Months Rate £118.25

12 Months Rate £215.00

It's been off the road for 20 years so I doubt and of the regulars on here will have spotted it at a show or local meet.

Only thing can tell you about the spec is that if it is a "factory" black that was a rarely ordered and extra cost option.

Oh, and Feb '76 is a very early registration date for the B as it was only launched in Sept '75

As Julian says, we would love to see some piccies!

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hii thanks for the replies. im not sure how to add pics so ive started a photo bucket album its under walsall86 on there not sure if you can see them. its interesting you say its rare because it has a few other rare bits aswell i think, it has wash wipe headlights and a factory fitted sunroof, and the purple interior which is knackered. hope you like the pics. the project is on hold for the min as i have lost my storage but am in the process of a garage build as we speak. cheers guys let me know if you cant see the album for any reason.


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Oh that is not a very early B series, it is a very late A series car thumbsup.gif

Very very nice, as production ended in 75 it has propably been sitting at a dealership for a year or so untill purchased and then registered. That happens sometimes.

Is it fuel injected? If it is it will be a GT/E, and if not it will propably be a SR model with register type weber carburettor.

As most SR´s ( Sport Rally) where with some eyecatching colour theme (most of them where orange or yellow) maybe yours is a GT/E as they where made in black. But if it has vinyl roof it is propably a Berlinetta ?

What´s the vin number, i can look it up for you then :)

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hi monzta its a solex carbd berlinetta auto, did have a vinyl roof but was removed before i brought it, bit of a rotter though and has had a front panel brazed on at some point from a red car, (looks like its had a smash sometime before 20 years ago) needs new sills new floor pans and new swan necks aswell as new inner wings etc. ive had it for about 18 months now but has been un touched for about 15 of them just started to have a play then lost my lock up :(

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Yeah i can see that now due to the chrome detailing on the C piller, that is unique for the Berlinettas with the vinyl roofing :)

All the parts you need can be bought for fair prices at Leidinger Germany (he speak English and is very service minded and it is possible to strike a bargain with him too if you need several parts).

Sad to hear about your workshop, hope you sort out a new one soon so we can get some more pics and see some build thumbsup.gif

Allthough i haven´t been at it for a while (due to my daily driver (Vw Derby mk1 1979) needing a engine transplant ) you can check out my project on this page. If you think your car is rotten, guess again wink.gif

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