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Does A Scimitar Ha6A Axle Fit A Mk! Cavalier?


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My advice :) Measured this one up as its what i'll be using :) buy the standard manta spring cups repair sections from klokkerholm weld them to the scimitar 4ha se6 axle in correct location weld on the mounting point for the manta panhard rod and adapt a 4 link kit for the top links use scimitar standard links and superflex poly bushes :thumbup

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there are different widths of salisbury 4ha axles. i have one off a se5 scimitar which is ideal for an a series or you can have the se6 axle what would be ideal for a b series.

dont forget guys the jag diff does not just fit in and work there is a bit more work that undoing a few nuts and bolts dropping a diff in the casing and away you go.

are the repair panels for the spring cups strong enough the ones i saw looked not as thick metal as the original so may not take the strain.

when you weld on your brackets dont get too much heat in the axle casing or it will buckle then you have to get it straightened.

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I have a 4ha on my ascona with a dana LSD! Mounted with commodore lower arms and 5 link upper arms. Wider one for the manta/ascona and the shorter one for manta A ,kadett/chevette.

Retropower are the guys to speak to on this as they have a vast knowledge on these axles.


Agree with Rutts not too much heat!

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