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Fuel Sensor Probe Wanted For Manta-All 2 Pin


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Fuel sensor Probe Wanted For Manta-they are All 2 Pin type -blue and white and brown colours

hey i have an opel manta b 2 litre injection with its original engine 115 bhp etc ,85/86 reg etc......my mechanic has told me i need to get 3 "fuel sensor probes" for it....he said all 3probes are of the 2 pin probe type

i need the blue fuel sensor probe

i need the white fuel sensor probe

i need the brown fuel sensor probe( that i was told controls when the fuel pump is turned on)

so its not "fuel pump relay" and its not the "fuel injection probe" i want......

i realise that i prob only need the blue or the white one-but hes not too sure which one it should have -he thinks the incorrect one is in it at the moment...so ill get the blue and white so ill know for sure and ill be good either way......

any ideas if these can still be purchased??where can they be bought from if you know..any website??..i would want new ones ideally- i presume they can still be bought somewhere?!

Thanks alot


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