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HI, roof not too bad.

I have actually written an article which I think Retro Cars mag are running sometime. (not for manta, it was actually on a Mazda RX3 but same principle, just more lead loading on mazda!)

Drill all front and rear spot welds, grind out braze on corners, grind through spots on gutters using a new, rigid grinding disc in 4.5" grinder, very carefully, so not to touch frame underneath. Do same on donor roof, but this time grind through the gutter spots from the underside, leaving the outer skin intact. Also drill aperture spots from inside so no holes in roof skin. (I say a new disc as they have nice sharp corners to them so they get in right across the welds, a worn one goes rounded and makes it tricky)

Will all then come apart, refitting is simple as long as you have a spot welder! Spot along gutters and round apertures (clean nreally well first) then either braze, or weld pillars. Seal gutters with tigerseal after. If you weld neatly on pillars then a light bit of stopper will finish it, shouldn't need any lead loading.

Main mistake to avoid is DON'T try and drill welds along gutters, they are too big relative to the available space and you will trash the gutter frame with the edge of the drill.

Allow a weekend of good weather if done outside

PS re. arches, yes it is poss to use outers BUT thought you were going 400 kit? No need for this part of the arch if you are!

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