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Hi From West Sussex


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Hi All

After a 3 year break from the club due to personal reasons I now have my Manta back from a 3 year stay in very leaky barn, its last outing was Billing 2007 where it came second in the Standard B class ( mostly due to the judges having a very sparse selection that year ) after its three years of neglected storage the battery was charged, fuel drained and replaced with new, disconnected fuel pipe to carb and sucked old fuel through the system until nice tasting petrol was found ! and reconnected. She started on roughly the 10th turn ….all this took around an hour, who says old cars are unreliable !

Unfortunately the chrome bumpers have not faired to well, other than that she's endured her stay pretty well and on Monday night, very late night, as no tax or MOT, I drove her the 10 miles home.

Anyway for those who remember I've posted a couple of pictures of her from Billing.

A big shout to Sean and Ron you still around ?

Restoration of the brakes starts this weekend, hope to have her on the road for summer 2012

Anyone got a Opel GT Ally rocker cover and a set of decent chrome bumbers for sale ( missed the ones on e-bay earlier this week )






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Hi Iain,

good to hear you are back into things. After Billing that year I lost contact with you and assumed you had moved on from Manta life.

The Silver Hatch now lives with Phil Warren in Worthing (car based outside Lewes) and I have an S reg Manta B sr just like yours. It now has a brand new 2.4 and lots of improvements although several years outside means it could do with a respray. Its completely solid though!

It would be good to catch up again when you are on the road...



P.S. Watch out for that throttle sticking of yours!!

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Cheers Dave, yours dont look to shabby either, look foward to maybe meeting next year, southern reigion never seemed not to have a large Manta population !

Hi Roy, The last 3 years have been.......interesting....all settled down now though.....athough pennyless, time to start with the Manta again.

Found an old thread showing your B, shes a beauty, probably slightly quicker than my standard 1900 though.

Mines not fared to well being in storage for 3 years but still no bad rot, condition and funds rule out a complete rebuild, Ill do the mechanicals over winter to get back on the road in spring/summer 2012, not gonna win any prizes though.

Is yours still a daily runner and are you still in Brighton ?

Id forgotten about the M1/M25 80mph throttle jam, managed the situation for 40 miles would still have made it to Pease Pottage services on M23 if it wasnt for the traffic jam on M25 junction 12 !

The standard carb was ditched in favour of a Webber before going into storage so at least thats sorted.

Your chrome bumpers up for sale ? Ill even come round and unbolt them myself :thumbup , oh and in that garage of yours you got a GT Ally Rocker Cover ?

Cheers, Iain

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Hi Iain

Good to see you back I dont really spend much time on here now due to being flat out with work and the Kids lol. But still have a couple of mantas hanging around..Im sure Roy wont mind you having the bumpers lol. If theres any bit you need just drop me a line I may have it somewhere.. Roy i havnt forgotton the lights honest.

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