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Sheffield Area Manta Meet On Thursday 6Th October


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Hello all,

October's meet will be at the same place as usual, The Toby Carvery at the top of Dronfield, and starts at around 7.30 PM. There's been a few changes with the regulars' Opels in the last month. Paul's sold his Silver hatch and it's now with its new owner in Liverpool ( I think ) . Rob's also sold his Brown Ascona to a bloke who plans to rally it with a 3.0 V6 engine and throttle bodies! These two sacrifices will help the lads' other Manta projects along the way. Dill has bought a nice set of wheels for his Exclusive and was on about a bit more lowering for the ride height to get it sat right on it's new rims. He's off to the Nurburgring again next week so can't make it to our meet this month.

There's another new monthly meeting not too far away from us that's organised for the Tuesday just before our meeting. I'm planning on attending this one too and see who's who. If anyone wants to meet up and come along to this meet, just past Matlock, let me know.

I met up with Nick, with the Yellow A.series at the Retro rides meet in Sheffield, and he's sorted his car's running problems out after a load of swapping parts around. He's converted his car's ignition back to points and the fault's disappeared. Hopefully he'll be getting a few more miles in before the bad weather arrives.

I've been on with the Manta again and finally bought the only set of wheels I liked ( apart from a set of 8" Ronal 400 Five studs that I can't afford ) I've gone for Compomotive TH2 8x15's with an ET25 offset. I had to buy these straight from Compomotive to get them in the colour I wanted and with the correct centre bore fitment. However, the 195 45 15 tyres that I bought for them looked ridiculous and have had to be returned. I'm struggling with what size tyres to fit and this will be this month's task to sort out and fit.I've also had the Manta's exhaust shot blasted and coated and this looks stunning. Last week I've recieved my custom made Plug leads from Magnecor for the 16 Valve Manta. I was amazed at how well they fit and whoever made them must have OCD, because the look perfect. Sorry to get excited about plug leads, but all the Magnecor writing along the leads is facing in the same direction on each lead and the writing is the right way up to read whilst fitted to the car. Little things like this make the car stand out from the others I think, or is it me with the OCD now? I've also being trying to sort out the back bumper on the Ascona after some old bloke ran into me in traffic. I'm waiting for the Insurance company now. My Quaife Quick Rack Kit turned up last week after a four Month wait and after removing the Ascona's rack and stripping it last weekend, I've now found that it doesn't fit my Steering rack. It seems that their rack kit is for a Steering rack with a 24mm diameter shaft/ rack, and mine is only 22mm. Hmm, looks like I need to track down a LHD, 24mm Steering Rack then. That should be fun...

Anyway, if anyone's got nothing better to do, next Thursday night,..... then come along and listen to me, banging on about wrong size tyres, Idiots at ceramic coating places, 22 and 24mm diameter steering racks and missing steering column universal joints. I'll be the fat, bald, Billy No Mates, sat in the corner with a glass of pop, chuntering on about old cars. See you there? .....Luke.

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Sorry dude,can't make it this time. If everything goes to plan by the time you're sat in the corner with your glass of pop I'll have done a few laps of the 'Ring,they are running both the norh & south loops together so 1 lap will be about 14 miles long...

Definitly coming to Retro Rides one on the Monday though so see you there instead...



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What dates are your meets on Luke??

As I will add them to the OMOC Calendar on the website.


Fiona Middleton.

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