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Oil Laeking From Manta ..


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Hi guys , i have a problem with my newly built 400 rep. I am running a c20xe engine with the 1800 sump & dip stick housing moved over from the gt/j 1800 manta.. my problem is i can,t seem to stop the oil leaking from the rear of the sump.. at first i thought it was from the oil seal at the rear of the crank so i removed the engine & replace the seal with a genuine part from vauxhall..

but the engine still leaks oil & it can only be from the sump, it seems to be in the rear right handside as you look in from on front of the car..there is a new sump gasket on the engine as well.... i am not running the windage tray ( i think thats what its called between the sump & the engine).Also i thought maybe the pipe that runs from the rocker cover to the sump might have been blocked & the engine couldn,t breath properly so it might force oil out of the seals , however this is not the case as the breather pipes are all clear. Surly someone else has come upon this problem before , is there anyone with a solution ?

Help much appriciated ...

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I can´t say thay i have experienced this myself but i can help you with a small checklist

Is the gasket rubber or cork?

Is the oilpan edges that close on the gasket 100% straight (no dents, scratches or places that oil can get out of)?

Is the bottom of the engine block surface where the oilpan mounts 100% straight, no scratches etc?

If you have a cork gasket you should use some of that liquod gasket stuff on both sides of the gasket. Also make sure that both the bottom of the block, and the edge of the oilpan is 100% clean, no oil!.

You could also check up on the front crank bearing seal as oil can run down the oilpan and drip off in the other end and make it seem like you have a problem there?

Hope this helps just a tad thumbsup.gif

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am putting car on a lift tomorrow night so will leave it running & hopefully will

be able to work out where leak is coming from ..

but i reckon its going to be sump off again .....

thanks for replies so far lads

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