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More C20Xe Wiring/final Connection Questions


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With my C20XE loom in place I have aanother few pictures & questions;

This is the main ECU connector. \what about the small connectors adjacent, do they connect anywhere?


This is some sort of vacuum sensor. I have the cable that connects to it, but what about the vacuum pipes? Presumably the short one connects to the vacuum pipe on the inlet throttle body, but what about the long one?


What about this small loom, not even sure if its part of the C20XE engine loom?


Finally, do I need to fit the Lamda sensor to my new down pipe or can it be left un-installed?

Nearly forgot, what about the single black cable and connector that pops out the loom at the coil/dizzy end? Ignition switch + I'm guessing for the coil?


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Hi,the small block connectors go to the dash on the donor car.I think the rev counter and oil light wires are part of these.The vacuum thing is a valve from the fuel vapour cannister to the inlet manifold for emissions.You don't need to connect it.Not sure about the small loom could be for the cooling fan.The lamda sensor definately needs to be connected.

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