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Don´t really know about the first part but i think that if you can shoehorn in a V8 from a Rover a V6 should be possible too unless its too wide! ?

Regarding the rear axle i would go for a stronger rear axle. The A and B series rear axles are identical except for the width wich is a bit more on the B series car (about 25mm per side). I would recommend a DANA rear axle from a Volvo 240 series car. They are unbreakable and are known to be able to handle 500nm´s and more. The width is between the A and B series and even though there´s some work to make it go in you will never ever regret this mod thumbsup.gif

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With no bulkhead modification you will find that you'll need to cut the bonnet to clear the timing covers of the engine, or you can cut the crossmember and lower the engine but you will also have to alter the steering rack height which will lead to steering/bump steer issues.

Best bet would be to look into altering bulkhead area to site the lump a bit further back, but then as with everything like this you could end up with no heater or awkward heater installation which makes a car that has had a lot of time, effort and cash put into it not that nice to drive as soon as a bit of heat is needed to demist the screen for example.

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Yes it will go in, but it's not a straght swop.


I modified the front cross member to get the engine low, as I did not wish to cut the bonnet.


But as Clive has said this will cause steering/bump steer issues which i got round like this.


You will also need to make a custom sump and exhaurst system.

As I said above it is not straght folward but not too hard ether if you are good with your hands BUT if you do fit one I garrentee you will have a smile on your face.

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Where can I find some info about those volvo LSD's?

Google says that there are 2 types Dana 30 and Dana 31 ,which one is the best chose?

Can I alter the oil pan of this V6 engine and lower the engine in this way ?

The DANA 31 is the strongest of the 2 types. The ring and pinion gear is just a little bigger than the 30 rear axle´s and it makes a big difference. The Dana 31 is found on Volvo 700 series cars, mostly on turbo and 6cyl versions. If you want a original Volvo LSD rear axle it is called a Dana 41 and uses a eaton LSD. However theese will propably be worn down from years of use and cost some heavy £. My suggestion is to find a good and neat Dana 31 and buy a TruTrack LSD from the US (about 250£ + freight). The thing is that the Dana rear axle really is from the US to begin with. It´s a heavy duty axle that has been used alot by Jeep. So a LSD for a rockcrawling jeep will be a direct swap if of couse the Jeep run a Dana axle.

You will end up with a near unbreakable rear axle.

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Hope this helps omega 2.5 engine bolted to a 1800 manta gearbox chap2011-10-12103537.jpg

with a cav 2.5 steel sump

The engine view2011-10-11205643-1.jpg

view of the gearbox ,you dont have to cut out the bulk head , i did, due to the ehaust man2011-10-11205708.jpgmanifolds and down pipe

Complte view with the tunnel removed . IF your intersted i still have the steel2011-10-11205633-1.jpg sump and oil pick up pipe, plus a new gasket .

cheers steve

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just to complicate things a little further the jeep cherokee XJ uses a dana 30 in the front and a dana 35 in the rear . no standard jeeps use a lsd in the front but some had them fitted as an optional extra in the rear, and to make it even more complicated some rear diffs are 27 spline and some are 31 spline. there are aftermarket locker diffs to fit the dana 30 but i would not really recommend these for 100% road use.

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..................and to complicate even more, the salisbury 4ha axle that we put into mantas and kadetts etc is basically a Dana 44, even bigger and stronger again! The dana 44 lsd units fir straight in, and are pretty common in jaguar xj40's in the uk, certainly much more so than volvo lsd units.

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thanks :)

just bought x25xe , but I don't have the imobiliser and transponder(ignition key).Is there any any solution to this problem?

I read somewere that it is posible to bypass the imobiliser on certain types of ecu by rewriting eeprom.Does anyone did this?

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