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Manta 400 Wheels

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Yea they are making big dosh alright.

Believe it or not i acquired a 10 x 15 ronal one last night... a guy who fixes tyres / punctures had it lying for years and always intended putting it on the wall to wrap the airline around it. Got a heads up about it and got a friend who knew him well to pay him a visit. Ended up getting it for me. Only needs cleaned and a fresh lick of paint. Was looking for 1 so it will do a spare for the car. Not going to mention price as i wouldn't be believed but it was extremely cheap thankfully. Some people out there still don't know the value of some things, which on this occasion was a good thing.

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Anyone ever watched America Choppers on Bravo/Sky? I remember an episode where they got custom alloys made for a chopper bike, think the cost was 1000 dollars or something! I've only mentioned this because, of the cost of buying second-hand 400 wheels. Only a random thought ;)

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