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Think I Got A Bargain When I See The Price Of This One

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So.............. when I keep on about folk 'over valuing' their 'cars' ,

it appears I am right then ! :thumbup

No, not just rust buckets,but so called good condition ones. Perhaps prices will come back down to real time world instead of the 'I've spent millions on it' so it must be worth it kind of airy fairy values . :)

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I guess things only sell for what people are prepared to pay, im sure your more likely to get 5k plus for a nice example than 1k for a basket case , but if there is someone out there that is willing to pay the money then people will always try the high side first . Take the housing market in this country (and lots of others) the hugely inflated prices are around because too many people are using houses as a commodity rather than somewhere to live , thus inflating prices and people have been that desperate to get on the property ladder they are paying the inflated prices. The car market is exactly the same to a lesser degree i suppose. And i guess you cannot blame people for trying to get top buck for the car that they sell , after all our beloved ageing Opels are getting a rare , dare i say commodity nowadays :D

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