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Nice Manta!

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I asked my three sons if they would buy me this for Xmas, and the answer was NO. I couldn't believe it!! no excuses at all, just a plain NO. :( And to think that I used to go out of my way to buy them what they wanted for Xmas when they were kids :lol:

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ive forgot his name:( its a genuine i200 shell and its took him about 8 years in to build.

was talking to him a few years ago at billing, im sure hes in ireland aswell. and ur right its feckin

awesome:) i want to know how u get 350mm brakes under 17" wheels??

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its simon macdougall car its in total vauxhall mag issue 94 march 2009

Hi Guys Yes it is me,

i didnt think about posting the car on here as you all have manta's anyway !!

Gary is right i was on and off building and changing things for years but not much of an online mesenger.

better quality version of pics -

also i'll be adding more pics to it soon.

reason for selling is nothing against the car its just i do a lot of motorsport marshalling race/rally events then my friends gave me a go on track in a few of their cars and have now caught the trackday bug and cant afford 2 cars or have room for 2.

and honestly the car is mint,

Cheers Simon M. simon@manta400.com

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