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A Bit Of A Dumb Question About Windscreen Washer Jets


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Typical! I have my 84 Manta booked in for its NCT on Thursday. I have most of the little niggles sorted but there is one that I am having bother with — the washer jets!

Thinking they would be an easy fix they were at the bottom of the snag list. The problem is that the O/S jet sprays water over the car completely missing the windscreen. The N/S jet which has less pressure only hits the bottom of the windscreen.

I tried to adjust them but I can't see how to do this as there isn't a nozzle that I can see where I can stick a pin into to adjust it.

How do I set these so they direct water to the centre of the screen? The idea of the car failing its NCT because I can't adjust these is not an appealing one!

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Cheers for that lads :thumbup

I will have a second look at them to see if I can find the nozzle. I had thought of getting a new set, possible with double nozzles but when I tried to do something similar with my Monza I came unstuck as the replacements were too big for the aperture :unsure:

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Problem sorted — you can see here the difference between the new one on the O/S and the original on the N/S. It is a tad bigger but bloody hell, it does a far better job and at least it hits the screen :thumbup

With the two new twin jets fitted the screen gets totally drenched when I hit the button — it is like having a monsoon button on the wiper stalk

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Gas thing is that the car passed it's NCT (National Car Test) with flying colours but the tester didn't bother to test the feckin windscreen washers :rolleyes:

It turns out he is from Germany and lived quite near where the Mantas were built!

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