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C20Xe - 3000Rpm Tick-Over


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Hi all,

Well, after 7yrs sitting on the garage floor, a rebuild last year I finally fired up my C20XE in my Manta tonight. With new tappets fitted it took quite a while to get going, but after about 20min of turning over with the plugs in & out it fired up :thumbup

One wee problem, it ticks over at 3000rpm. I think I know the reason, but thought I'd run it past you guys...........

I've ordered a mounting boss for the lambda sensor, until it arrives I basically drilled a hole at the end of the exhaust manifold and pushed the lamda in. Its a neat hole but does leak, so presumably it'll me causing the Lamda to send wrong-info to the ECU. I hope once the lambda mount arrives and I get it welded into position the problem will disappear.

What do you think, is this the likely cause?

ps, checked all inlet pipework - no leaks.


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Could be a gummed up idle control valve, it's the small silver thing with 2 air pipes on it under the plenum. its ok, cleaned it all before fitting with brake cleaner (thinners effectively)

It could be a sticking throttle pot flap. Cleaned with brake cleaner also

All fixed by carb cleaner and a toothbrush or take the ICV off and soak in thinners

Is the gasket on the SFI box OK?

Yep, it's fine

as kev says or coolant temp sensor

Thanks, thats one to check, although it did it from the second it fired up when the water was cold, so maybe not? Will check anyway.

ckeck u got icv and knock senser plugs in right way, thay fit each other..

Good call, will check that out

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Accelerator cable incorrectly adjusted?

I would definately be eliminating mechanical problems first, as 3000 RPM is quite a lot for an electrical/electronic defect, could quite well be a combination of the 2 though

Yip, no accelerator fitted yet. Agree it's probably mechanical.

Will get to the bottom of it and let you know.

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