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Hello From Inverness


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New to the site so thought I better say hi to all. I've had a fair few Vauxhalls over the years, Astra, Nova, Cavalier, mostly SR, SRi and GSi's B)

In to my classics and current pride and joy is a 1979 Mk2 RS2000 Custom (not an Opel/Vauxhall sorry :rolleyes: )

Have been thinking about another project and always had an eye on a Manta Coupe so maybe one of those days if the wife lets me :blink:

Enjoyed my look around the site so far, keep up the good work guys

Donald :thumbup

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The Tormod on WICCC is a lot wiser than me I think. :rolleyes: I use the username "Adamopel" on most of the forums I go onto. I,ve got a red manta hatch and a gold Ascona. There's pics of them on WICCC somewhere.

Got you now, nice cars you have have there B) pics of my RS are on HOSF. I didnt manage the western isles tour earlier in the year as away with work :( and it looked like a good craic was had by all with WICCC, never mind roll on the good weather again and get the SORN off the car and maybe get it over to THE island :thumbup

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