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I have recently joined the Manta club - I have had my manta for years but it has been in bits!

Now I am on the point of putting it back on the road the DVLA say its not on their computer, I have the log book in my name etc.

I have to contact the club V765 officer for an inspection when the car is finished.

Can anyone help?


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Hmmm, guess that's either me or Ron Daymond, whereabouts are you?

Looks like it's on their computer to me, assuming your username is the reg of the car.

Vehicle enquiry

The enquiry is complete.The vehicle details for C553 LFR are:

Date of Liability 01 06 2002

Date of First Registration 14 03 1986

Year of Manufacture 1986

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1979cc

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type PETROL

Export Marker N

Vehicle Status Unlicensed

Vehicle Colour WHITE

Vehicle Type Approval Not Available

Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle

6 Months Rate £118.25

12 Months Rate £215.00

Please be aware that if the vehicle has recently been relicensed or a SORN declared, these details may not yet be updated on the vehicle record.

If you think that the details on the vehicle record are incorrect please write to:VCSDVLASwanseaSA99 1BAPlease include the incorrect V5C Registration Certificate for amendment.

To make another enquiry go to Vehicle Enquiry

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Thank you for that, I am neat Pontefract in West Yorkshire.

Does this mean I can jsut take it for an mot when I have finished?

(not sure if I am going to get fined for the SORN not made)

Thanks again for the help.

Hopefully I will be finished and MOT for the spring.

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You should just be able to take it for a test I'd have thought. Personally I'd declare it SORN now, and hope the fine doesn't arrive.

If you do need an inspection let me know and we'll sort something out, but this happened to another member recently, and as it was on the system he had no problems.

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