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2.2 Carlton/rekord Calipers


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Hi all,

I bought what I thought was a pair of rekord/carlton 2.2 calipers for my A-series. At least looking through the QH caliper list, the part numbers are listed as being for Rekord, and

they have one 52mm piston, which I think is right. They look like all the pictures that I've seen on the web of 2.2 calipers.

Like here:


It looks exactly like this, but without some dimensions, I can't be sure.

When I went to fit them, all seemed well, and they bolted up fine (apart from needing longer caliper mounting bolts, but that's no big deal).

However, I've realised that they will foul the anti-roll bar on full lock. The 'bulge' that sticks out the back of the caliper, where the piston is, will hit the anti-roll bar. Also the lower rubber 'spud' that the guide pin slides in will probably hit the anti-roll bar too.:(

Has anyone actually fitted 2.2 calipers to their a-series without issue? Is there something I haven't realised that I need to change?

Has anyone got some pictures of a caliper they could post up, or better still even take some measurements of, so that I might be able to figure out what calipers I actually have?:blink:



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dont know alot about A's or even carlton calibers, might be preaching to the preacher here, but you have them on the correct side. :rolleyes:

remember! bleed nipple to the top!

if it fouls on full lock, you can reduce the lock, by adjusting the lock stop, either by welding or bolt and lock ups.

its hard to explain, but look at where the lock stops against, then move lock, back a few mill, check the caliber to see if its still fouling! (opposite side

well I thought one reply is better than none! :blink:

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Thanks for that...I do have the calipers on right way round, that much at least I know!:thumbup

The widest part of my caliper (not including any of the 'fixed' piece which is mounted to the upright), is 128mm wide, from the front face to the back of the 'bulge'. Anyone else have a known 2.2 caliper that they could measure?


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I bought some Carlton ones off ebay, listed for 2.2 and fully reconditioned. When I fitted them it turns out they weren't for vented discs so the calipers were too narrow! Still got them in the lockup as fitted 2nd hand ones I removed from a 2.2 breaker I had.

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