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Front Door Locks


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I have Manta B 2dr model and i have problem with left door (that's driver's doors in my country), they don't close properly, you have to hit them very hard to close them.

My mechanic told me that door lock is worn off and i have to find another one. The problem is that is nearly impossible to find Manta/Ascona parts in Poland.

So... is there other cars with similar door locks i can use as spare? Any of You changed door locks in Manta for locks from other car?

I'm preparing car for winter rwd fun and this lock is sooo annoying. Right door works like in new car, that's just not fair :P

Thanks in advance.

PS: sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

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Not sure what other locks fit.

The normal problem with Manta doors not shutting well is the hinge pins wear or break

When you open it the door drops down a little so the lock doesn't line up correctly, which means you have to slam the door hard to get it to lock.

Worth checking the hinge pins first.

Easy to do just open door and see if you can lift the back of the door up a little, if there's a problem you will feel some play/ movement.

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Thanks for advice, i'm going to check this right now.

I have also another idea to make more space for adjustment of door latch striker, it is in maximum-outside position now, but if i get it out for another 1 or 2mm problem may be resolved.

Still didn't found any similar door locks, so if anyone know something, please post, just in case ;)

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