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Hello From Poland!


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I always wanted an old car, since i don't have enough money for El Camino or Charger i bought a '77 Manta, one of few european cars i really like (my father had few Asconas and Kadetts years ago).

My Manta is fitted with 20S CIH engine which is pain in the a$ for me, because it's overheating, so im planning to swap it for some newer R4 engine next year (probably from Omega).

To be honest whole car needs to be rebuilt, but my budget is too low for the moment.

Everything should be sandblasted, welded and painted again. Electrical installation is shite, has to be built from scratch (it's very simple though).

Dashboard is broken in the middle - common problem in old Mantas and Asconas - will be fixed and covered in leather some time in future.

There was an aftermarker central locking system which just stop responding few days ago, also needs to be changed, cause i cannot lock doors now :D

I don't like german-style tuning, so i don't want to change much in my Manta, just lower springs -40mm for suspension, put some wide alloys (15x8" / 15x9" maybeee) + wider wheel arches to fit alloys

and restore it to the state when i can use it as my daily car, without any worry like now :D

BTW: Manta has a name from the first day (my friend came with this), it's called Malina (which means raspberry in english ;))

Greetings from Poland!


PS: There's some pictures, hope you like it ;)





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