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There's all sorts of fillers available these days, to me, the most important thing is ease of application, followed by ease of sanding, from my recent experience, 'U-Pol Easy-Lite Filler' is great, it's really easy to apply, you can be very accurate and avoid hours of sanding, I use that for all the major imperfections, then to finish off with I can recommend 'Bodyline Soft Sand Polyester Stopper' The U-Pol you can get most anywhere, I think Halfords sell it? The Bodyline stopper can only be bought through Brown Brothers as far as I know? If you use these in conjunction with a good primer filler, I use U-Pol P.88. the results can be amazing with the minimum amount of effort!!



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I use a polyester filler with a hardener (2 component) that can be bought pretty much everywhere. The current product i am using dry up pretty fast, and is easy to grind in hand. Gets a very smooth surface. Don´t use epoxy based products, they tend to be hard to grind, and can also take a while to dry...

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