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Free Parts Going To The Tip

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I'd love the hatch stuff. I'd even pay for it.

Getting it to me, i can arrange courier, but can you stick some bubble wrap around it?

Front screens are easy to break but it takes a lot of stress to break tempered glass.

I had some green sealed rear quarters sent from Germany and they arrived with no damage



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Hi Andrew, Hi Kevin, i am 5 minutes from junction 13 of the M1, can i help? store the parts for a while? or send them with one of my other mates to the NEC show? (i might not get to the NEC but two good friends have cars in the show) Kevin, if you aren't going to the NEC, could someone get them nearer to you?

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You are welcome to the glass, but I can only offer collection as I have had a recent shock from my ICD (I have had a long term heart condition since 1999 aged 34, and am currently awaiting a transplant), and will not be able to drive for the next 6 months or so.

I can hold on to it for you until you can get a courier, or maybe you could take up Andys kind offer and get it passed on to you?

I will try and get some bubblewrap.



The consol is in very good condition.

I can post it to you for £7 if that's OK.

Please see my previous post about the glass for Kevin, I'd gladly deliver it it health permitted.


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