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C20Xe - Fuel Grade Chip....which Way Round?


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I dont know if your connection is the same as my 16v but if you look at the connector clip there is a small arrow pointing up, I use this to indicate which setting its on.

As for the chip luckily mine has the 95 & 98 printed on it rather than A & B. But for a stab in the dark i would say A is normal driving conditions i.e. 95 and B setting would be for 98RON.

Got access to a dyno you could test it on? <_<



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I have one in my Astra but can't tell which way round it is as the letters printed on it are long gone! But should be simple enough to check with a multimeter as it should only contain a resister and a straight through link, that's how mine is anyway. On my car it's the resisted side that is used for the higher octane rating as my plug is for 91 and 95 (it's an old car!)

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