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Kent Ast22 Rally Camshaft


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For sale a kent AST22 competition camshaft for 1800 ohc engine.

This came in a coupe i bought earlier this year, engine was a runner but couldn't drive it further than onto and off the trailer.

I've removed the cam cover and the cam looks in very good condition.

Info from Kent Cams website:

Applications Competition

Power Band 3000-7000

Cam Lift(mm) 6.98mm Inlet/Exhaust

Valve Lift(mm) 11.80mm Inlet/Exhaust

Duration 312 Deg Inlet/Exhaust

Timing 52/80 Inlet 80/52 Exhaust

Full Lift 104 Deg Inlet

The cam can be had just in the cam carrier, along with rockers and lifters for £40

Or you can have the cam carrier and head still assembled on the bottom end (minus sump/p-up and mounts) for £75

I can post the cam in carrier, but the complete engine would need collecting from harrogate N Yorkshire

I also have the weber carb for sale seperatly

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Not sure to be honest, the Kent site lists it for the 1.6 and 1.8 Ohc engines. I did a google search and one place did list it for the 1.8 and 2.0 engines but that might have been a typo.

It does have the slot in the back end for a dizzy drive.

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