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Hydraulic Handbrake Query.


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Im planning on installing an obp lockin hydraulic handbrake and im wondering if it will pass an mot??

The setup can be locked on and act as a handbrake, Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

Been a while since I've looked at an MOT testers manual, but I think the handbrake must be a mechanical device-not hydraulic.

Some I've seen have added dummy cables to make it appear to be cable operated.(keeps the MOT man happy ;) )


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Il need to have a think then as there isnt much space for both handles, can be done although changing gear could be an issue with a vertical handle there.

Il jst have to finda leanient tester, lol.

Plus, rally cars dont have two handbrakes n they must be road legal?

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The Manual says that the parking brake ( handbrake ) must be applied by direct mechanical action. I can see the sense in this, as it gives you a back up if you end up with a Hydraulic leak. The funny thing about this " Direct Mechanical action" is when you look in a new Ford C.Max, VW Passat, Range Rover, Renault Megane and Laguna which are all fitted with an Electronic Parking Brake ( EPB ), there's an Electric switch on the dash that operates motors, to pull cables, from between their rear suspension arms to their rear calipers. Now where is the " Direct mechanical Action" between the dashboard and the rear mounted actuator? I've seen cars with Mountain Bike brake cables linking Hydraulic levers to rear calipers and as you can't strip anything down during the test, If they looked like they worked then I'd have to put this down on the Advisory Items list, and Pass it on the Test. Saying this... I'd still rather have proper cables on my car as a back up, in case it all went wrong....... Luke

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