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Opel Are Thinking About A New Manta?


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Just been reading on pistonheads.co.uk about that opel are thinking about building a new manta!!!!

hope it doesnt end up like the ford probe!! or even the astra coupe!!! i had the turbo for 6 months and it was a not the best!!

a new rwd coupe, basic, cheap, and a little rallying promo they should sell like mx5s

whats the betting its all pipe dreams but it would be nice to see something new but retro!!!

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I dont think its gonna happen, Opel is financially pressed by GM all the time, and sales are down like on all other brands of cars theese days.

It would be real nice though but they need to make it RWD, if they make it FWD they might as well have re-badched the Calibra as a Manta C.

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