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Nec Pics


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Here are a few pics i took at the NEC on Sunday.

These are some of the cars that i found interesting mainly because i had previously owned similar ones i.e. Rover SD1, Singer Vogue, Lotus Excel, although i have never owned a Wartburg Knight

but my maths teacher had one :)

And yes sorry guys i do like the Marina 1.8 TC Coupe :o

Sorry about the picture quality but my camera is playing up.




















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Some nice looking cars there, me and me son went on saturday and had a good day, plenty to see and buy but i completely missed the BL stand :unsure: , Marina TC looks well, i had two of them a while back. apparently only about 27 genuine tc coupes left registered with dvla so quite rare now.

Manta stand looked good, got meself a manta jacket and renewed my membership as well, had a chat with a few guys there. All together a good day.

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Nice pics Dave, mine didn't come out so good as the lighting was terrible in there. Another great show. You must have the same taste in cars as me, apart from the Allegro! I loved the Excels, the Talbot Sunbeams, the Commodores, the Mk1 Scirroco, and those Bitter's were lovely. The Manta stand was very good as last year, well done to all for their hard work again. See you next year, gonna make a weekend of it then.


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The Cav with the nose was the Silver Aero, pretty sure it was a one off, but it was at Billing this year as well.

Nice pics Dave, lovely to see a Bitter in there as well!

Correct - the Cav with the nose was indeed Silver Aero, a design concept by Wayne Cherry, and it is strictly a 'one off'. Originally intended to be offered in 3 stages, 1 - with an engine upgrade from 2 litre to 2.4 litre also with the addition of turbo - 2 with external body kit - 3 with full leather / Recaro interior. The vehicle was displayed at the International Car Show at the NEC back in October 1980. The plan was to offer existing Sportshatch owners and buyers the chance to upgrade their car with either or all of the options. Around 300 - 500 orders were taken but they wers obviously not deemed enough to warrant production, and the car remains a one off.

Along side Aero on the Droop Group Snoot stand at NEC 2011, you would also have had the chance to see Silver Bullet a 'one off' sportshatch, and Black Magic, a 'one off' Chevette. All 3 of the vehicles were from Vauxhall Styling Department under Wayne Cherry. This was also the first time the 3 vehicles have been shown together in public.

Enjoy !!

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