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Vin Plates Asap


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My 88 Exclusive has this - the number on the logbook is slightly different to the one on the car (I seem to remember the one on the car has a suffix, an extra 2 letters or something)

MOT station flagged it and I got a new matching logbook from the DVLA a couple of weeks later.

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You have seen the one under the carpet flap between the drivers seat and sill?

I seem to remember a lot started WOL.............

I have checked that one just.

It's the same as on the front grille (0000)

How did this issue come to light?

Have the dvla seen the car??

From it's newest MOT it doesn't match the logbook, so the DVLA wrote to me.

No they haven't seen the car. I don't fancy a visit from them either! Chortle.

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What have they asked you to do ? Did they say in the letter?

The letter

During the MoT test of the above vehicle a discrepancy was identified between the VIN provided by the M0T tester and the vehicle record held at the DVLA.

please fill in the forum over the page and sign and return this to me in the envelope provided.

They want:

The reg on the rear and front plates

vin number on the MOT, V5 and on the car.

Make/model and colour

and the test number.

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This happened to me with an evo rally car and i filled in the form with the VIN number as was on the car the and DVLA then sent me out a new document with the correct VIN number on it no car check so it was hassle free

It to was flagged up after an MOT

Hope this helps


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It's the 86 GT/E coupe which is up in the for sale section (the one posted by paul manta)

The one on the car has 0000 in it which matches up to the newest MOT.

But the old MOT's have 000 and an L on the end like on the V5.



Aye this was the problem on mine! My letter from the DVLA didn't say they needed me to fill in a form though, they just said a new V5C would be issued (and it was) following a discrep noted in the MOT.

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