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Manta Coupe Roof Change On My 400R Replica

peter evans

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been busy cutting out my sunroof roof skin for last 10 hrs to take new roofskin which i had from kevin abbot thanks again kev,

cut away all frame work on donar roof so i ended up with just the skin after all the cutting and fettling it now fits like a glove,

just needs welding up going to try to post some pics for you to see how i did it.

no need to brace car to stop any mid point sagging

this was a very easy job to do

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i only removed the skin off my car leaving other two skins intact and the donor roof i removed the two inner skins and im left with only the skin then this was offered up to the existing car and spot welded all round and its a perfect fit so NO cutting through the pillars

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roof now done and it looks just like it should just perfect is was worth all the time and effort also thanks to kevin abbot for supplying the roof skin

next cut wheel arches ready to take wider wheels then xmas time on with the body kit by may it will be sprayed in andrews heat for hire colours

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just finished fitting front end and all fits perfect bonnet /door lines all equal gaps. next step cutting our rear arches before fitting new 400 arches soon as this is done changing shocks and springs and fitting quick rack.

hoping to get a lsd rear axle but aint found one yet as i like to get all these jobs done before it goes to the bodyshop for spraying in andrews heat for hire colours

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