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Rear Disc Conversion Bits . £30 Delivered Sold Sold Sold!


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two adapter plates that bolt to axle.... fairly rusty , a bit pitted ....( these are the ones where the mount holes are worryingly close to the edges )

two calipers ....very rusty indeed , they look like ford and have wind back pistons . siezed in the handbrake off position.

two caliper carriers ... a good amount of rust .... each one has one siezed slider .

handbrake cables... looks like ford escort van ones modified with some little clamps for ideal cable length .

2 solid discs also , no lip atall , they havent been used much before being left to rust .... they could be skimmed i rekkon .

they are cross drilled , with stud holes drilled for 100 pdc , and the center hole spaced down to fit .

comes with some braided hoses

all nuts and bolts to attatch to rear axle included

£30 delivered (normal adresses)

accept paypal or cash on collection north london Barnet EN5 5JG

now dont get your hopes up who ever is wanting this stuff ......to me its a big ol pile of shit that needs hours and hours of work to make good .

to give you an idea ,the pads just crumbled away mostly but ill include whats left of them for reference for new ones .

the adapter plates would make a good template for new ones to be made from . as would the discs .

the calipers may come unstuck ...eventually , i tried with a wind back tool and bent the handle.....one of them may be opposite thread , i didnt try both ..... and thats where my interest in it ran out . i think ill stick to drums .

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