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Paint Code Help Required Please


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hi i am now at the stage where i need to order paint for my project 400

i need the paint codes if anyone knows them for the colours of the A C Delco,Jimmy Mcrae 400 manta

also am i right in thinking this car has a white engine bay

thanks in advance for your help

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I would definatly get i contact with AC Delco themselfes and tell them about your project. Then ask for their logo´s colour codes


Their logo hasn´t changed for many years, allthough there are different versions of the blue colour available when you do a search.

Here´s a pic of one with open engine bay and its white. I would think this to be how it looked since it was a rally car, not a show car, so engine bay paint wasn´t a high priority. Also all Manta 400´s was factory painted white or silver :)


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