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1988 Opel Manta Gte (Hatch) - Original Courtenay Turbo

Ro T Dawg

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Offers on 1988 (E-reg) Monaco Blue Opel Manta GTE Hatch (non-runner). Rare Courtenay turbo conversion with water-injection (original sales receipt available). Twin head lamp conversion, big brake conversion. Straight through (single box) stainless steel exhaust.

Following a serious crash in 2000, it's been sat in my brother-in-law's garage (North London) since then...awaiting repairs! I got as far as replacing the damaged body work with a new complete front nose cone, two new front wings and a 2nd hand louvered bonnet. But that was over 10 years ago. In that time, the automotive cancer (...rust) has had a good time to fester throughout the chassis and the engine was removed all those years ago in preparation for a grand rebuild. On the plus side, the panels appear to have been spared and the interior is surprisingly clean.

Sadly I don't have the anywhere near the budget to restore this car...And one wife, two children, three house moves and zero payouts from the lottery (all in that last 10 years) means it's just not going to happen. Needless to say, the brother-in-law wants his garage space back and has offered to buy it for scrap.

Anyone interested in keeping a piece of Manta history alive?

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I'll try to get some pics posted once I get down to the garage this weekend where it's stored. As for a price...maybe it's best if I get those pics posted before an offer is made.

Manta 3000 - I'd be surprised if it was my manta in the OMOC mag. I bought it in 94 off the first owner.
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