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Heated Front Screen


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Hi Mick,

The chappy on the following link I know makes these, but not sure if you have to buy more than one?

Email him on this address and see what he says. sr@uroglas.com, the guys name is Stuart Robertson.

If he doesn't do singles, maybe he could put you onto someone who does?

Hope this helps?


Fiona. :thumbup

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i asked uro glass about it and got this back today ......

Thanks for your enquiry. We can supply Manta B heated windscreens (they fit hatch and coupe) to factory order. There are 2 options (different factories):

1. If you can get enough interest for a minimum order of 15 pieces we can supply these @£186.00 + VAT each. All would have to be the same tint.

2. Minimum order 2 pieces we can supply @ £286.00 + VAT each. Tints can be mixed.

Lead time is around 12 working weeks. Shipping to UK location is £50.00 + VAT for single (or 2 off) screens. If opting for the bulk option, we would ship to 1 location FOC.

I hope this is of interest.

Best regards

Stuart Robertson

so at £186+vat (223.2) its pricey ,still cheaper than the above at £205+vat . im still down for one ...whatever tint

i cant see it happening , is there 14 people out there wanting heated screens?

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thats makes 3 ... :mellow:

not enough interest at these kind of prices ...as said above^ more like £120 and we probably would get the 14 needed for group buy .

there might be some room for negotiation with the uro guy if we do have say 10 of us with £££ ready .

perhaps the new year will bring new interest ,

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I just measured the thickness of my heated screen, its the same as an original Manta screen (I have both stacked next to each other in my garage), if that helps. (They are both 5mm thick and the profiles seem to match,- they are not lined up in the pic below but could take another if you like), the heated screen is not tinted like the original though.

I have a feeling it was from uroglass to begin with, but could be wrong as I bought it about 7 years ago!


Obviously I guarantee 100% that it will fit as its never been fitted to a car... but as said above the measurements look good.

I'd be preapred to take £90 to a club member for it £110 to non-member. PM me if interested.

It'll be on ebay in the New Year along with all the other hundreds of parts I no longer need.

have fun


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ive nowt planned andy,

Mick I might be up by Birmingham the first week in the New Year.... could maybe meet you somewhere?

not really got anytime mate i work everyday, u got pm:)

Mickappy, I like that timing belt cover on your pic, did you make it or buy it?


think i got it off ebay mate, seen a few on there latley.

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